Content Management Systems

We don't expect you to take up long-term contracts for maintaining your website once we, at Alpha Design have designed your new website. We don't expect you to ask us to update the website each time you wish to make changes. We understand that in order for your company to maintain its competitive advantage, you need to regularly update your website in a market that changes rapidly. This is why we include CMS for you to carry on yourselves, enabling you to maintain and to change different aspects of your website.

There are many benefits to using a content management system.

  • Easy to use - Only very basic technical knowledge is required to update your website i.e. only the ability to use word processing.
  • Time saving - Since you can login at anytime and update your website yourself, you save the time required to prepare the updates for those responsible for maintaining your website and avoid any need for supervision and proofing the work carried out by 3rd parties.
  • Decentralised maintenance - Login anywhere and edit your website at anytime, avoiding bottlenecks and utilising your time intelligently (as in when waiting for meetings, flights and so on).
  • Fresh Content - Your content is as fresh and accurate as you want it to be since it's your company that updates the content.
We offer a range of different types of Content Management Systems to suit your company's requirements. From basic systems for smaller companies to more advanced systems for larger companies, whatever your requirements we, at Alpha Design are happy to find a solution that works.

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