Website Design

At Alpha Design we pride ourselves in producing quality and creative designs carried out to a professional standard. When creating a website, it is important to allow for three key elements; Content, Design and Accessibility. We build a close and personal relationship with our clients and keep them involved in progress as well as guide them through the complete design process.

  • Content - The base of your website starts with the content. Visitors to your site are looking for information which can vary from audio, visual and even graphical. As the site owner you already have this information yourself. We can take you through the process of preparing content and ultimately the placement of that content onto your website for your visitors to learn about you.
  • Design - A well-designed website is one that is easy to use for all categories of user and one that people will come back to. A clear navigation structure and design that is uncluttered is vital for a visitor to easily find what they're looking for. Establishing and updating brand identity plays a key role in the design process and leads on seamlessly to printable marketing materials.
  • Accessibility - The design and development of any website should meet basic web accessibility guidelines. To neglect this would result in missed opportunities within a huge online marketplace. By using full accessibility the benefits result in a potentially huge audience and which enable all (within the limits of available technology for disabled web-users) to browse and use your website. Meeting development standards is another vital role in the creation of any website. An impressive design which is poorly developed results in poor search engine rankings which will affect the accessibility of your website.
We at Alpha Design not only specialise in creative design but in programming also. Our websites are developed using the highest of standards to optimise accessibility and improve Search Engine Rankings. When creating a website, we follow the Search Engine Optimisation protocol to ensure that your website can be visited and listed by search engines without any problems.

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